Learners Test

How To Get Ready For Your K53

Just How To Get Ready For Your K53 Driving Licence Test

Learners Test

It’s possible to be a rather competent learner driver but still fail the K53 driving licence test, for just one or maybe more of several reasons. So it in fact is important to get ready ahead of when doing the official test.

The K53 Driving licence test: some reasons people fail

  • An over-confident attitude, let’s assume that as long as you can use the vehicle controls to drive, steer, stop, reverse and park, you’re home and dry. WRONG! The K53 testing system places a lot of emphasis on a special system of defensive driving. The K53procedures vary from manoeuvre to manoeuvre. To learn about these K53 procedures you need to read up about them in another of the greater manuals available so you know, in theory, that which you should do throughout the test. Then discover ways to put that understanding into practice by taking driving lessons.
  • Not understanding that the days are over when mom or dad could educate you on to operate a vehicle. At some stage of the preparation it is important to take driving lessons with a suitably qualified and registered driving instructor (see note lower down).
  • Nervousness/anxiety during driving lessons after which while doing the driving test. Most students are nervous through the test. A whole lot is at stake – the expenses paid so far while the fear of having to pay more and perform some test over later on; whether or perhaps not you’ll have the freedom of ‘wheels’ after the test – on your own transport to and from work, or even for recreation, for your job, an such like. But, exactly like because of the learner’s licence test, you canreduce anxiety to a large extent, if you want to take the right steps.

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Buy a manual or the CD-ROM reviewed as of this site, and read up just what the test covers and just how you’ll be scored. This can lessen the extent of this unknown, and it’ll help you know very well what you will need to practise while you are learning how to drive.
  2. Take some driving lessons with a reliable and qualified driving instructor. The knowledge you gain from the books/CD-ROM may also help you assess regardless if you are getting your money’s worth and whether the instructor has a good understanding of the K53 system together with test system.
  3. Make sure you know which vehicle you will end up using for the test, and progress to know that vehicle’s controls and handling to make sure you are confident in that regard when you’re for the test.
  4. Ensure you are very well on time for the make sure that you have all the necessary documents with you when you arrive.

Learning to drive/driving lessons

  • IMPORTANT: The K53 driving test is a practical test where you get to show the examiner that you are competent adequate to drive alone on public roads. You simply can’t learn to drive from a book. The driver’s licence books mentioned at this website explain everything concerning the test to ensure that you’ll know precisely what and how you are tested.
  • However, in addition to the preparatory knowledge you’ll gain from the manual or CD-ROM, you do need to take driving lessons with a professional driving instructor, preferably a person who is registered with SAIDI – The Southern African Institute of Driving Instructors.
  • While you are ready to make a booking for driving lessons, don’t be shy to ask the driving school to demonstrate you evidence of membership of SAIDI. In the end, you may be paying for the lessons, so you should be sure you have a competent instructor.