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Our Privacy Policy

26 August 2013

Collection of User’s Data :

Here we only collect the user’s data required by MyBB Forum as standardized by it and required for log-in purpose only. Our forum “Career Education Forum” requires the user to register, which is verified through sending a confirmation link to the user’s email. This helps us to stop our forum from spamming by unscrupulous users. We also have enabled moderation of the posts made on the forum by the users. Posts or Threads are not displayed until they are moderated and approved for contents suitable for viewing by all the visitors of this site, as well as conform to the subject matter of this site i.e. career and education.

The data provided by the users at the time of registration is not used for any other purpose than our own satisfaction of the legitimate user – never for promotion, advertisement, solicitation or sale. We also do not share the data with any third party.

Google Analytics :

Our website uses Google Analytics to help us understand how users use this site. Google Analytics uses cookies (text files placed on your computer) in order to collect standard information and visitor behavior information – in anonymous form. The information collected is transmitted to Google (including the IP address) and stored on Googles servers. We then access the Google Analytics tool which compiles statistical reports on our website activity – information like how many users have visited the site, how long time they have spent on our site, what pages they have looked at etc. This information does not specify the users identity to us.

Links To Other Websites :

Since our website allow our users to participate in active discussion on our forum “Career Education Forum“, it may be possible for our users to include links to other websites in their posts. We do take care that such links not refer to websites which may contain adult material, pornography etc. during our moderation. However, we may not take responsibility for information on, or the privacy practices of, such websites OR This Website Privacy Statement does not extend beyond this website. When following links to other sites from this website, we recommend that you read the privacy statement of that site to familiarize yourself with its privacy practices.

No Sale :

Our site or promoters of this site do not perform any business from this site, except may be for some advertisements put on our site by an authorized Advertisement agency like Google Adsense etc in future. All the resources of this site are and will be absolutely FREE to access for our users. No Monetary transactions are carried out on this site.

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