Writing the perfect resume: how to make

Tabulated curriculum vitae has proven itself in various countries. Its clear structure helps the hiring cheap resume writing services review your resume in a few seconds. The focus should be on your qualifications and professional career, as hiring specialists look at your work experience the longest. Eye-tracking research has also determined that about 22 seconds is the average observation time for the work experience section - a far cry from the training information (6 seconds). Start with the last job first.

You should provide the following information on your resume:

  • Personal information and contact information (name, date of birth)
  • Photo (It should make a good first impression with positive body language, proper image section and settings. Pay attention to our tips for creating the perfect application photo.)
  • Desired position (Listing a specific position is an advantage, but not a prerequisite, such as if you are submitting an unsolicited application).
  • Professional career (position, employer, duration and area of responsibility). The most recent information is listed first.
  • Apprenticeship/training/internship abroad/refresher training, including period, certificates, degrees. Relevant to the desired position.
  • Special knowledge, qualifications and languages (hard skills!)
  • Hobbies as an indicator of soft skills.

You may omit the following information from your resume:

  • You may omit the location and date on your resume. This information can be found in your cover letter anyway.
  • A signature at the end of your resume is also optional. If there is enough space, you can sign at the bottom, but in practice this is usually not particularly relevant.
  • It is an old custom to put marital status on your resume. However, it is not necessary. In any case, your qualifications and professional experience are more important.

The right resume layout

The layout and design of a proper resume should match the job you are looking for. The conclusion from eye-tracking research also serves as a rough guide: in terms of design, hiring professionals still like a classic resume more than a graphically prepared resume is integral to your application success.

If you're looking for a job as a graphic designer and send your resume as a Word document written in Times New Roman font, you're wasting your time and the employer's time. Creative applications can score points in the art professions. An app homepage or video about the app can also be your unique selling point. However, if you're a lawyer or economist, you shouldn't try to impress with colors and shapes - there are other ways to think creatively. In that case, it's fine if you send your resume in a traditional style. A general rule of thumb: don't use bright colors and don't change fonts.

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