15 Most Difficult HR Interview Questions

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You are in the final year of your college and the institute has scheduled a campus interview to be conducted by a fortune 500 company, or you are about to end your college education and face as fresher an open job market, or you may be an experienced person wanting to switch the company or you have been working in some “A” sector for a good part of you life and now attracted towards field “B” and hence want to change your job along with the field; these are some of the innumerable situations/reasons where you would be required to face an interview.

No one likes the interview process. Well, certainly not the people being interviewed anyway. However, that is inevitable and surprisingly easy too, if you perceive it from different angle. The “mantra” is, you have to prepared. If you scan most of the job interviews, then irrespective of the field, job position, company, country or culture, barring a few changes in the way the questions are put and their statements, they are similar in meaning and have more or less same answers. So the good news is that you can always be well prepared for this, and there will be nothing to be unpleasant feeling about this process. We have gathered here about 15 top HR questions most people find it difficult to answer. They go as under -

1. Tell me about yourself ?

Well, it would be a surprise if this question is not an opening question in an interview. It sets the stage for the interview for you as much as for the interviewer. The question has not been put to you to tell your life story or family background, but not more than two or three sentences, describe yourself with respect to satisfying the job requirements. The question actually qualifies for such detail advice that we have a separate article which you may visit here.

2. What do you know about our organization?

You require to have done some research on the company you have applied to and a few similar companies too. You may discuss products or services, revenues, reputation, image, goals, management, people, history and philosophy of the company in response to this question, but don’t act as if you know everything about it. Just let your answer show that you have taken the time to do some research.

You might start your answer in this manner: “In my job search, I’ve investigated a number of companies, yours is one of the few that interests me, for these reasons… <only a few points you feel are predominant to be mentioned>”. These points could be for example – “The company is in the business of providing the solutions …… since 2009…..with a revenue of $$$$$… bagged the best entrepreneurship award 2 years ago…..”. The tone of your answer should be positive.

3. Why do you want to work for us?

“Because I like people here” could be probably the deadliest answer you could give. Don’t do it. Here actually you are expected to speak in terms of company’s needs. You might say that your research has shown that the company is doing things you would like to be involved with, and it’s doing them in those particular ways that greatly interest you.

4. What can you do for us that someone else can’t?

Here you may be a bit egotistical. Talk about your record of getting things done, and mention specifics from your resume or list of career accomplishments. Say that your skills and interests, combined with this history of getting results, make you valuable. Mention your ability to set priorities, identify problems, and use your experience and energy to solve them.

5. What do you find most attractive about this position? What seems least attractive?

The answer will vary according to the position offered and responsibilities that come with the position. One of the factors could be the salary, the scope for learning new technologies and ways, company reputation and status, alignment of your interests with the requirements etc. Frame the answer accordingly. Answer with several features. About the “least attractive” feature, you should be a bit diplomatic to answer and mention a single very insignificant point. For example – If the job would require a bit of traveling as you love visiting places could be more interesting, or just the reverse that your traveling will increase than present position, or something like that will depend upon the position offered.

6. Why should we hire you?

The answer should go the same way as to item 4. Or this question is just another way of putting the question at item 4.

7. What do you look for in a job?

Keep your answer oriented to opportunities at this organization. Talk about your desire to perform and be recognized for your contributions. Make your answer oriented toward opportunity rather than personal security. Actually the answer goes on similar lines as question at item 5, the first part.

8. What is the meaning of this position for which you are being interviewed?

The definition of any position basically is its duties, responsibilities and accountability. The question is simply put to see if you are aware of the those things that come with the position and how well you have understood them.

9. How long will it take for you to make meaningful contribution to the company?

A period of about 2 months should be enough to understand the company, its aspirations and objectives. You already know them from your research what they are, but the process of achieving it is something you need to know, which you can, only after joining the company. You have to indicate from the answer that you have the quality of going well with the people, whether higher or subordinates, and that you are good at learning new things. Just don’t tell the period but support it with a bit of elaboration in not more than a sentence or two.

10. How long would you stay with us?

Say that you are interested in a career with the organization, but admit that you would have to continue to feel challenged to remain with any organization. Think in terms of, “As long as we both feel achievement-oriented.”

11. Question about you being overqualified for the position.

Emphasize your interest in establishing a long-term association with the organization. Mention that a strong company needs a strong staff. Observe that experienced executives are always at a premium. Suggest that since you are so well qualified, the company will get a fast return on their investment. Say that a growing, energetic company can never have any level of talent too much.

12. Why are you leaving your present job?

Do not mention any personality conflicts or dissatisfaction. The answer should be something related to, that you are now ready to take more responsibility or exploring the new technology, even you may mention it for better pay package. In no case should you have anything to say wrong about your present company or job, remember.

13. What’s your greatest strength?

This is your chance to shine. You’re being asked to explain why you are a great employee, so don’t hold back and do stay positive. You could be someone who thrives under pressure, a great motivator, an amazing problem solver or someone with extraordinary attention to detail. Remember the employer is interested to know only your strengths related to the job.

14. What’s your greatest weakness?

If you say you don’t have one, you’re obviously lying. If you’re asked this question, give a small, work-related flaw that you’re working hard to improve. Example: “I’ve been told I occasionally focus on details and miss the bigger picture, so I’ve been spending time laying out the complete project every day to see my overall progress.”

15. Would you rather work for money or job satisfaction?

Everybody wants money and that is why everybody works for. And you are lying if you just work for job satisfaction for less money. The answer should be like – job satisfaction is more important but pay package should be commensurate with the responsibility of the job.

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