150 Indian Students May Be Sent Home By Britain

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150 students to be sent back from LMU Even while as legal experts believe London Metropolitan University (LMU), the first British university to be stripped of its right to sponsor foreign student visas is bound to challenge the UK Border Agency’s (UKBA’s) order in the court, an estimated 150 of the 600 Indian students impacted by the order face immediate deportation from Britain.

Pupils who did not possess valid student visas will be served with the orders to leave Britain immediately, said a statement. A UKBA enforcement team thinks up to 500 of the nearly 3000 overseas students affected by the action against LMU fall into the category of having no right to be enrolled at this university. They either have lapsed student visas, the wrong type of visas that don’t allow them to study here or are studying without any visas.

It is also not clear whether LMU will refund the fees to the de-recognised students. The diplomatic mission has posted an advisory on its website www.hcilondon.in asking concerned students to get in touch for assistance. It is ready to take up cudgels for those who have nothing wrong.

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