Additional Work Options for Indian Students in Australia

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Australia has decided to offer additional work options for Indian students to help them tide over the impact of rupee depreciation. They will also be allowed to work for unlimited hours per week. With the valued of rupee falling to a record low against dollar, Indian students studying abroad are being forced to shell out more to meet the living costs.

A number of Indian students enrolled in postgraduate and doctoral research programs at Australian universities work as faculty and assist research programs to meet a part of their living expenses. They also work in libraries and laboratories in the universities. The students will now be permitted to work more hours so that they can earn more.

Earlier, students could work only limited number of hours because the accepted policy was to allow them to focus more on studies.

According to visa statistics, depreciation of rupee hasn’t affected the flow of students to Australia. At present, there are about 70,000 Indian students in Australia. There were about only 18,000 Indian students in 2005.

Source : TOI News

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