Admission and Fees Regulatory Committee To Fix Engineering Fee

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Admission & Fees Regulatory Committee To Fix Engineering Fee The Admission and Fees Regulatory Committee (AFRC) on Friday undertook to fix the fee of professional colleges without being influenced by the state government and it further assured court that it would go strictly by the recommendations made by its in-house experts.

Having received these assurances, the judge accordingly closed the writ petition. The writ petition was filed in light of the decision of the State government setting a uniform fee for all colleges at Rs 35,000 per annum.

The petitioners contended that it was not for the state government to fix the fee in such a manner. They further pointed out that it was the apprehensions of having to bear an increased financial burden under its fee reimbursement scheme which had led the state government to ask college managements to give an undertaking saying that they would accept the uniform fee of Rs 35,000 per year.

It has been contended in the writ petition that the power of the management of private engineering colleges to fix their own fee has been upheld by the Supreme Court in the TMA Pai case. They also pointed out that AFRC had been constituted further to the said verdict. The petitioners would contend that the state government was bound by the recommendations of the AFRC and not vice-versa.

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