Advance Level Science Subjects To Be Introduced at Std.12 CBSE

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Human Resources Development (HRD) ministry has decided to constitute a committee before September end this year to look into possible reforms at the 10+2 level for the science stream. One of the important proposals that committee shall consider and critically examine is to provide students with an option of studying an advanced level of subjects, so that they do not have to rely on coaching for competitive exams like IIT – JEE.

It is learnt that, this proposal is the outcome of suggestions that were made in the recent meetings of HRD ministry with the IITs. Students who want to crack competitive exams like IIT can take an advanced level of physics, maths etc., to cope up with their entrance examinations, as those tests are of higher magnitude of difficulty and always wanted to test students for something beyond the class curriculum.

The system would be similar to what CBSE practices with its English subject – English Core or English Elective. In CBSE, students have to choose either one of the core and elective. The same options may now be made available to the students for science stream subjects Physics, Maths, etc. Students who then want to take a shot at the IITs can choose the advanced level at 10+2, while the others would be spared of learning the advanced topics.

However many in the academic field do not seem to agree with the rational and feel that the HRD ministry’s literal war on coaching classes is a lost cause. Replacement of single test for the entrance to IITs with two tier test system with JEE-Main and JEE-Advance has already added pressure instead of relieving it. Students have continued to join coaching classes, hence the entire HRD approach has failed, is what they feel.

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