AICTE Chairman Rejects NASSCOM Survey on Employability

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AICTE Chairman Rejects NASSCOM Survey on Employability Questioning the very basis of the findings of NASSCOM surveys and some other agencies, on employability of engineering graduates, AICTE Chairman S S Mantha ridiculed the figure of 25% of the Indian graduates are employable as derived by them.

AICTE Chief while coming down heavily on NASSCOM has said that if those surveys and their findings are to be believed then about 7.5 lakh engineers should have been rendered unemployed per year. India has over 1.5 million engineering degree and 1 million diploma seats and about 1 million of them pass out every year, the 75% of which are unemployable amount to 7.5 lakhs. “These surveys were conducted without any logical background and thus create confusion.” Mantha said.

The AICTE chief stated that NASSCOM had taken database of candidates coming for interviews in 500 IT companies and arrived at these conclusions which is ridiculous. This sampling pattern does not represent the whole of India, he said. This is for the first time that any AICTE, the apex body responsible for monitoring the technical education in the country had come out openly against NASSCOM survey.

However, the former Pro-VC of SNDT University admitted that there were concerns on the quality of engineering entrance examinations conducted by the states. MHT-CET entrance conducted by the Maharashtra government for admission to engineering, medical, pharmacy and veterinary courses has qualifying marks of just 1/200. He advocated the need for joint engineering examination (JEE) which will test the candidate’s skills. He ridiculed the present school system, terming it as “redundant” if the marks of Std X and XII were not considered for the admission to professional courses. He expressed pleasure over now the board marks shall be considered with at least 40% weightage to the Class 12 Board marks for engineering admissions.

Mantha said they had started acting tough on the erring and illegal colleges and had closed down 25 of them for dearth of facilities. He advised students to follow the AICTE website and notifications issued by it to check credentials of the institutes in which they are seeking admissions.

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