AICTE Slaps Notices On Institutions For Improving Standard

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AICTE Sends Notices to 101 Technical Institutions For Violating Standards All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) is understood to have sent notices to as many as 101 technical institutions over the country for the lack of standards according to AICTE norms. These institutions have been served with show cause notices asking them to explain why they have failed to comply with the rules and regulations and meet quality standards and other requirements.

The maximum of such institutions happen to be in the state of Andhra Pradesh, 26 followed by Maharashtra with 23 violating the stipulated standards for setting up/running technical institutions. 6 institutes in Tamil Nadu include one business school. There are 12 institutions in Uttar Pradesh served with the notice.

While many of those colleges lack in number of stipulated regular faculties and have poor infrastructure, some are known to be operating applied science courses like BSc Information Technology, BSc Bioinformatics and MS IT, instead of engineering, what they are supposed to be.

Experts are of the opinion that this action is just tip of an iceberg. There are around 40% of the technical institutes approved by AICTE which do not either enough faculties, or required infrastructure or both.

The colleges which have been served notices have been asked to submit their compliance report by 16-17 April, including the steps that have been initiated to improve the standard.

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