AICTE To Form New Accreditation Body For Technical Institutions

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AICTE To Set Up New Accreditation Body For Technical Institutions A new accreditation body for technical education, to be called Indian Board of Accreditation (IBA) will be soon set up by All India Council Technical Education (AICTE). IBA will use the same standards as National Board of Accreditation (NBA).

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has framed various norms and standards to regulate the technical institutions in the country for maintaining quality in these institutions. The approvals for establishing new institutions, granting extensions, new courses, additional intake etc. are granted based on suitability of the application in terms of prescribed norms for infrastructure facilities and faculty etc.

NBA was constituted to regulate and monitor the quality of engineering education in the country through a revised accreditation system which is outcome based. AICTE has various schemes for improving the quality of engineering education in the country, namely, Quality Improvement Program (QIP) scheme for improvement of faculty for diploma and degree level institutions and the Research Promotion Scheme (RPS) for promoting research in the field of engineering.

The World Bank funded Technical Education Quality Improvement Program II (TEQIP II) also caters to improving the quality of technical education in the country with budget of Rs 2430 Crore for 200 institutions including 40 private engineering colleges. The Central Government has decided to make accreditation mandatory from 2013.

The decision will affect more than 33,000 colleges and around 10,000 technical institutes after the government puts the system in place by February, 2013. Presently, less than 15% institutions aer accredited as the process is not mandatory.

After the implementation of decision, any new college will need accreditation before it can open, while the existing ones will be given a year time to get the accreditation. IBA will assist the existing NBA in inspections of institutions.

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