Ajay Maken For Marks To Students For Fitness

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Marks for Physical Fitness Sports Minister, Ajay Maken, has come up with a proposal under which school children will get marks for their physical fitness, in a bid to ensure better health and promote sports culture among kids. The ministry expects the move to also serve as an important tool to spot talent.

The scheme suggests evaluating every school going child studying in Class V and above on six components of physical fitness. The components – cardio respiratory endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, explosive strength and body composition (percentage of body fat) – were evolved after extensive consultations.

Currently marks and grades are linked to academic performance, but the new proposal “National Physical Fitness Program” (NPFP), which is currently only at the discussion stage, seeks to give some weightage to physical fitness in schools all over the country.

According to the draft proposal, the top 10% of performers shall be given an additional 3% to the percentage obtained by him/her in academic disciplines. Those between 10-20% will get additional 2.5%, those between 20-30% will get 2%, between 30-40% will get 1.5% and between 40-50% will get additional 1% weightage in their marking, which may be converted into grades as per prevalent norms.

The minister said if fitness level was linked to academic excellence, it would motivate students and parents alike to strive for it.

There is also a plan to extend the scheme to colleges and higher education institutes. “HRD ministry to initiate the recognition of physical fitness induced grades/marks in higher education institutes under its domain,” the draft proposal said.

The proposal, aimed at ensuring fitness among all school children, is yet to get acceptance from the HRD ministry, education boards and state governments.
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