Amrita University Launches New Version of E-Learning Platform A-VIEW 3.0

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Amrita University Launches New Version of E-Learning Platform President Pranab Mukherjee Sunday dedicated to the nation the latest version of Amrita University’s e-learning platform that would link thousands of teachers and students for virtual classroom lessons.

The e-learning platform, named A-VIEW 3.0 (Amrita Virtual Interactive E-Learning World) was launched by Mukherjee with a click on the Aakash 2 tablet in New Delhi and the A-VIEW Server with 1 Gbps link was unveiled. A-VIEW is free to access versatile e-learning tool for distance education and it has won jury award for best innovation in open and distance learning.

A-VIEW is a collaborative project under “Talk to a Teacher” by the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT B) and the Amrita University supported by the National Mission on Education through information and communication technology (ICT), human resource development ministry.

Kamal Bijlani, director, Amrita E-Learning Research Lab, said millions of eager students wanting to learn but not fortunate enough to have well-qualified teachers would benefit from this.

More than 14,000 teachers and students across 240 remote centres in the country witnessed the event live.

They are currently attending a national workshop on Aakash 2 using the A-VIEW software platform. Live teaching was also demonstrated and the participants at a few remote centres showed their new Aakash tablets.

The images of the president and others appeared live on the Aakash 2 tablet which was held by participants at remote locations.

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