Annamalai University To Reopen On November 21

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Annamalai University To Reopen on November 21 Financially constrained Annamalai University, which was declared closed on November 10 for an indefinite period following a staff retrenchment proposal and salary cut, giving rise to stand-off between the university management and staff, will reopen on November 21. An announcement to that effect was made by the registrar after the university syndicate at Chidambaram on Friday. The proposal to retrench the staff and salary cut up to 50% has been revoked and the university management could approach the state government or financial institutions for funds to tide over the crisis, said the authority.

Annamalai University was established in 1929 by Madras Presidency. The university was named behind Rajah Sir S R M Annamalai Chettiar, who donated Rs 20 lakh in 1929 to establish the institution at Chidambaram. After Annamalai Chettiar, his son and grandson went on to become the pro-chancellors. There are widespread allegations that the management went on a recruitment spree for personal benefits, which led to the present financial crisis. Academicians, trade unionists and legal experts are blaming the Tamil Nadu government for its failure to regulate the functioning of the 83 year old institution.

The university is known for its professional courses by students in the state and sought after for its distance education across the country. At present, there are 30,000 students pursuing various programs in the regular stream and over 4.5 lakh students in the distance education mode.

According to the university, classes for medicine, dental, BEd and MEd students and research scholars will begin on November 21.

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