Another Shady US University Shut Down For Immigration Fraud

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US Immigration Shuts Down University of Northern Virginia For Visa Fraud After the Tri-Valley University of US which was shutdown by immigration authorities in 2011 for indulging into visa fraud, now another such school, operating on the similar mode but attracted hundreds of Indian students has been ordered to shutdown. The school is said to have about 500 students mostly from the State of Andhra Pradesh, India. Such dodgy universities are said to be used by many Indian students as fast-track route to America.

In this fresh crackdown by the US immigration authorities, the University of Northern Virginia, that operated out of four class rooms in the basement of an office building in a Washington DC suburb, was under the observation for several months. The university lured foreign students without accreditation, curriculum or faculty. The institution is said to have helped desperately eager applicants obtain legitimate student visas to come to the US.

Both the universities running such immigration rackets had been setup by “immigrant entrepreneurs” of Chinese and Korean origin. It is alleged that there are still dozens of such unaccredited universities which have emerged in the US over past decade.

In this instant case the University of Northern Virginia has been asked to cease its operations with immediate effect after the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia revoked it certificate.

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