Being Successful Is Matter Of Attitudes

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Shakuntala Devi an Epitome of success Not every one of us feels successful. Surprisingly this is the case with many top achievers too. However, some of the top achievers tend to be happier than others or general public. The reason may be attributed to they have found the field they really enjoy. So they may say, they would like to go into the same line of life if they are bestowed with one more chance. But that could be just half the number of those general public consider successful.

What is success? How to define it? Is success a goal or destination? When one is supposed to have attained success? … a lot of questions! Though success may not be defined in a single line definition, it may be put in a concise sentence – success is the realization of the life’s worth. At least this is how it is perceived by most people. So “what does it takes to be successful?” has always remained a billion dollar question and remained unanswered through ages. Many advise the mantra of hard work, determination, proper direction or even luck, however, they miss on one of the most important ingredients probably, and that is “Attitude”.

Attitude Matters

Attitude is an important quality of a personality. It may not be just one but there are several forms of it. Understanding them might provide us with some answers if not all –

  • Not being materialistic : For most successful people material rewards are accepted only as by-product and that was never a goal when they started off, though they are found to have high incomes and material possessions. Spiritual, intellectual, moral or cultural values are their ethos.
  • Not to rest on laurels : Change is constant in the real world, and top achievers believe in bringing about this change along with them not to wait for the change to come. During this effort they had developed several personality straits which keep them prompting to drive forward.
  • Desire to achieve : Success is not necessarily a matter of genius. Those considered most successful are found to be general on IQ scale. However they have burning desire to get the things done. They have developed ability to organize or integrate themselves in an organization.
  • Clearly set goals : Achievers have set their goals when they start and they keep on constantly measuring their own performance against these set goals. This gives them a sense of achievement to a certain step and also make an assessment as to how much remains to be done.
  • Never say die : Achievers never let them downed by blockades. They realize that setbacks are temporary and there has to be certain way out. They have capability to create more chances by bringing about some change in methodology or strategy for a win. Setback is not the end of efforts for them.
  • Taking a decision to start with : Most people fear to take a concrete decision under the very idea of chances of failure. Successful people would go for a decision with calculated risks. Once when Henry Ford was asked as to how he could get such a success, he had said, “a right decision”. When asked how he could make out that a decision was right, he had replied, “wrong decision”. The quote has an important message.
  • Learn, Learn and Learn : “Any man can learn anything he will, but no man can teach except to those who want to learn,” again to quote Henry Ford. Successful people never end learning. To who-so-ever they meet, what-so-ever situation they are caught in, they would always find a lesson to learn from. Those who want to learn will learn anyway.
  • Desire to excel : Achievers have set their own standards. They don’t compete with anybody else but their own. They have desire to outperform their own past performance. They try to be perfectionists. They won’t sit calm until not only the desired is achieved but also look at the quality of that which achieved is to the standards they have set.

Successful people have an open-ended approach to sharing their success, which plays a role in their more achievements. As they give to others, their gifts are returned to them manifold. With such attitudes, the striving for success becomes an experience of inner growth, rather than just an effort to push, shove, and scramble one’s way to the top.

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