Bharathidasan University Cancels Mycology and Virology Exam For Goof Up

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Bharathidasan University Cancels Mycology and Virology Exam About 800 students in 25 colleges studying second year Microbiology, affiliated to Bharathidasan University (BDU) could not sit in the mycology and virology exam on Tuesday, for a major blunder of having totally unrelated questions to the subject of the paper, while the papers had correct subject code and title of the subject. The another part of the goof up is that even the chairman of the examinations had endorsed the question papers.

As per the system two sets of question papers are prepared for each subject, and should there be aberrations in one set, the second would be opened. However, in the instant case even the second set was not relevant to the subject, to make the matter worse. The BDU officials declared the exam as canceled as a result.

The BDU officials declared that the canceled mycology and virology exam has been scheduled on December 22, that is, on the next of the end of regular third semester exam.

Controller of the examinations at BDU is reported to have said that the matter is viewed as extremely serious and appropriate disciplinary action shall be initiated against the paper setters and chairman of exams who endorsed the papers.

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