British PM Woos Indian Students

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David Cameron British PM Woos Indian Students While as British Prime Minister, David Cameron, on Wednesday openly expressed his intention to restrict the number of migrants from East European Countries, intends to persuade more of Indian students to come and study at British Universities.

Asserting that India has special place for UK, he reiterated that his government does not put any limit on the number of Indian students who may want to come to study at British Universities and also want to stay back and work.

“All you need is a basic English qualification and a place at British university. And after you have left a British university, if you can get a graduate level job, there is no limit to the amount of people who can stay and work, or the time that they can stay at work,” Cameron said.

Cameron will lead a high powered delegation of key cabinet ministers, and high power business delegation to strengthen trade ties with India, next week

Official figures reveal that tough visa rules resulted in 25% fall in number of Indian student in the British universities. The latest home ministry rules say that foreign graduates earning less than GBP20,000 are not permitted to stay in the UK.

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