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career in cyber law The advances in the technology, particularly the internet and telecommunication, has surpassed anybody’s imagination in the last decade. Though it has played a major role in the development of the states and society in general, there is other, darker side to this development. It has brought in the challenges that required a separate legal field called “Cyber Law” to be developed to protect the unsuspecting consumers of this technology from frauds and its misuse.

The unchecked use of internet and communication technology has led to criminal activities such as, but not limited to hacking, pornography, email spoofing, money laundering, impersonation, etc. Laws were framed throughout the world to tackle this menace and as the use of technology is bound to grow, there is seen an unlimited scope in the field of Cyber Law.

The field of Cyber Law is fairly nascent in India and evolving. There is great opportunity to strengthen the system and the field requires fresh talent to make laws and execute them. The profession is tremendously exciting and is a mix of law with technology. The Indian society is evolving with the awareness of the use of cyber space. As such requirement of cyber legal experts is going to go up exponentially in dealing with the cyber crime detection, educating the society in the use of cyber space, settling the claims against breach of laws to name only a few of causes for such growth.

The best way for one to excel in this profession is to educate oneself the right way by choosing the right courses. The best combination would be to graduate from an engineering college in information technology, followed by a course in law. It will give one the best of both sides and help one excel in the field.

A cyber lawyer’s day-to-day affairs involve sharing their opinions with large corporate houses, attending sessions in court, drafting legal notices and agreements and consulting clients. One has to be constantly updated with technology and its developments.

Apart from making a decision and wanting to specialise in Cyber Law, one should know that the profession is fairly new and a back-up is essential. There are various colleges where one may study law and specialise in the profession. The National Law School of India University (NLSUI) in Bangalore is considered the best, followed by the faculty of law in Jamia Millia Islamia in New Delhi.

The earning potential of a Cyber Law professional is about 7 lakhs – 9 lakhs depending upon the expertise.

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