Carnegie Mellon University Launches FlexMBA Online MBA Program

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Carnegie Mellon University Launches FlexMBA Online MBA Program The Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University has declared launch of a new FlexMBA program on Monday. The FlexMBA program creates a new model for online business education, combining in-person sessions, online classes and self-paced learning to deliver the same coursework, faculty, team interaction, personal leadership coaching and career services found in the school’s highly-acclaimed full- and part-time MBA programs. The program will commence the fall of 2013.

The 32-month FlexMBA curriculum will be delivered via an innovative combination of onsite and online channels. Students will complete two courses each seven-week mini semester, which will begin and end during “Access Weekends,” repeating three-day events that bring the students and faculty in a course together in a single location roughly every seven weeks. The rest of the course will be delivered via weekly interactive live-video classes, supported by a variety of online self-paced learning activities during the week.

Access weekends will offer an action-packed three full days of lectures, testing, group development and presentations, career services, and access to alumni and corporate programs from within the region. The weekly online class for each course will provide the opportunity for students to interact with the faculty to clarify and strengthen their command of the weekly material and apply it to relevant business situations through case discussions.

Admission requirements for the FlexMBA program remain the same as for the Tepper School’s full- and part-time MBA programs. The Tepper School of Business is now accepting applications for the new Flex MBA program.

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