CBSE Allows Visually Impaired Students to Use Own Computer

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CBSE Make Changes to The Exam Rules From 2013 - 14 Batch CBSE board exams for Std. X and XII are scheduled to begin tomorrow, 1st March. However there are couple of changes CBSE has introduced which shall be applicable to students appearing in this exam and onwards.

Board has now allowed the visually challenged students to use their own computer loaded with relevant software to write the examination. However, those candidates would not be provided with writer / assistance and they will be allotted examination centres only in the city where the regional offices are located, said the official.

Board has also decided to change the number of compartment chances for class X and XII students appearing in this exam and onwards. According to the new compartment and improvement rules, the compartment chances for class XII will be reduced to 3 from current 5, for clearing the exam.

The number of improvement of performance attempts for class X students have also been reduced to just one. Until now the students had up to 5 attempts. Now the candidates may appear for the improvement of performance attempt to be conducted by the Board in July.

It has been clarified by the board that the changes in compartment and improvement rules shall be effective only from exams starting tomorrow and students of 2012 shall continue to enjoy the 5 attempts as prevailing then.

The number of enrollments of students from class XII stands at 9,42,035 which more by 15.51% as compared from 2012. The number of students appearing for class X CBSE Board exam is 12,59,202 with a rise of 6.7%.

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