CBSE Initiates IGNITE 2012

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CBSE Logo The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) had successfully launched IGNITE in 2007 in collaboration with National Innovation Foundation and Honey Bee Network, in an attempt to harness creative and innovative talents of school children.

With National Innovation Foundation (NIF), the board has planned to initiate IGNITE 2012 in the academic session 2011-12 with an aim to promote creativity among children. The board believes that students will be able to harness their natural creativity and offer solutions that could help in the real world as well.

The call for entries this year is from the following categories: technological ideas to solve any problem in day to day life; real life technological projects demonstrating innovative ways of solving problems or reducing drudgery or generating efficiency or conserving resources; traditional knowledge practices documented from elders in and around one’s family; and information about some other innovators in the neighbourhood.

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