CBSE Launches New Vocational Courses – Food Production & Beverage Services

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CBSE Introduces Food Procession As Vocational Subject Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has introduced two vocational packages under Hospitality and Tourism Sector. The packages are Food Production (subject codes 734-735) and Food & Beverage Services (subject codes 736-737). The new course consists of two vocational subjects each in classes XI & XII. The course have been introduced in view of the tremendous growth in the hospitality and tourism sector, as said in the letter sent to the schools.

The board had hospitality related courses earlier as well but now it wants every school to take up the new subjects. The letter sternly warns that schools should ensure that “no fresh admissions in the old vocational packages are made from the coming academic session”.

Besides these two vocational subjects students can take one language and two academic elective subjects relevant to the field. Students also have the option of taking up any two academic elective subjects besides two vocational subjects. The students can also opt for sixth additional subject which can either be a language or an academic elective subject.

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