CBSE Seeks Integration of Its Vocational Course In Universities

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CBSE Seeks Integration of Vocation Courses With Universities The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is seeking integration of its vocational courses with universities so that the board’s students can have incentives to take up those subjects. The central board is currently offering 34 vocational courses consisting of 97 subjects. Since this is optional, only 313 affiliated schools in India and 11 schools abroad have opted for it, which is very negligible percentage of almost 12,000 affiliated schools in India and abroad.

The board feels that once students enroll for these vocational courses at Std XII level, they would like to pursue it at higher levels. CBSE feels that in such a scenario, due recognition of vocational courses by all universities and educational institutions will motivate students to take up such courses in future.

The board met with various varsities and the central government on September 28 to discuss the issue of shortage of trained professionals and the necessity for development of employability skills among students. More meetings between the stakeholders are expected further to devise a clear plan.

Its Vocational Education Cell (VEC), which is taking the lead, has been mandated to recognize the importance of increasing and diversifying the skill-building industry in the country.

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