CBSE Student Global Aptitude Index (SGAI) 2013 Registration

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CBSE SGAI 2013 Registration Notification What is Student Global Aptitude Index (SGAI) ? :

Aptitude reflects the inherent capacity, or talent of an individual. Aptitude testing is a student-friendly, universally accepted mode of rating capabilities for a particular activity. Aptitude tests are known to be reliable predictors of future scholastic achievements as they provide a profile of strengths and weaknesses of a student.

The CBSE SGAI is meant for X grade students and is an optional activity, for schools and students.

Assessment of CBSE SGAI is done under the supervision of an expert panel and score cards are issued by the Board.

Salient Features of CBSE SGAI :

  1. The CBSE SGAI is an optional activity meant for class X students studying in CBSE affiliated schools across the world.
  2. CBSE SGAI is a collection of indices such as aptitude, interest and personality.
  3. Unlike the conventional Aptitude Tests, which indicate professional orientations the CBSE SGAI attempts to indicate subject orientations at +2 level.
  4. It has been customized to suit the Indian context and variety of student population in CBSE affiliated Private, Government and Aided Schools.
  5. CBSE SGAI is not an examination.
  6. It is a simple paper and pencil test of 1.5 hours duration.
  7. There are NO right or wrong answers, negative marking, pass or fail.
  8. No syllabus and special preparation is required for CBSE SGAI.
  9. Mental preparedness and sincere responses are the pre- requisites for this test. SGAI scores may depend upon child’s environmental stimulus and motivation level.
  10. CBSE- SGAI should be taken only as an indicator or a facilitator.
  11. The purpose of CBSE SGAI is limited to help the larger population including parents, teachers and students to initiate a dialogue on subject choices that lead to effective career planning later in life.
  12. Final decision on the subject choices may be taken in consultation with teachers and parents.

How to Participate ? :

Any student studying in class X in a CBSE affiliated school can register through school by paying nominal fee of Rs. 100/-

Last Date For Application :

31 October 2012 (Contact your school)

More Information :

Download Official Circular Click Here

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