CBSE To Introduce New Subject Titled “Knowledge Traditions & Practices”

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CBSE Introduce Heritage Subject as Elective CBSE affiliated schools will have an option to offer the new elective subject in Class 11 and 12 entitled “Knowledge Traditions & Practices”, with a combination of three other electives and a language course. It will have a 70-mark theory paper with 30-mark research-based project. The Central Board of Secondary Education has introduced the new subject on pilot basis. The course aims to provide an overview of India’s traditions, customs and heritage through an inter-disciplinary method.

The research-based project will require field visits to places of historical and cultural importance across India. “As this course aims to introduce knowledge in various disciplines , it will lead to an insight into the Indian thought and psyche,” states the CBSE circular given to schools.

Schools that have offered to introduce the elective on a pilot basis have already been given two out of 12 modules — Astronomy and Metallurgy. The printed version of the course book is under process.

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