CBSE To Promote Reading Habits Among Children

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CBSE To Promote Reading Habits Among Children Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is taking various student-centric initiatives not only academic but to make their personalities all round. Now it wants to promote reading habits among children. CBSE has issued circular in this regard and letter was sent to all Principals of its affiliated schools.

CBSE affirms its commitment to fostering the vital ability and desire to read among student. which is a fundamental life-skill. Besides, it is incumbent upon CBSE and all its affiliated schools to espouse, in letter and spirit, the mandate outlined by the National Curriculum Framework 2005 that is : while, reading is readily accepted as focus area for language education, school syllabi are burdened with information-absorbing and memorising tasks, so much so that the pleasure of reading for its own stake is missed out, CBSE letter says.

The Board has joined hands with the Publisher Action Group, formed by a group of eminent publishers of children’s books, mostly non-profit, who are deeply committed to quality publishing in all Indian languages. The annexure consists of books in English and Hindi that are reflective of the values-based approach and the need to introduce Life Skills as an overt component in the curriculum. The books explore vast range of themes and genres that would appeal to younger students. Children may identify issues that have relevance to them, introspect and find their own resolutions to personal dilemmas within the pages of these books.

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