CBSE Trains 2700 Parents Advocate To Keep Watch On CCE Evaluation

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CBSE Parents Advocate Scheme Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has trained over 2,700 parents to address contentious issues and keep a check on the bias creeping in the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system in schools. Those “Parents Advocate” will also educate fellow parents about the CCE system. These trained groups in every region and city will form a communication link as they will take up grievances of students from various schools. This network will be formally inducted from November and is expected to be a form of informal monitoring of assessment under CCE. These “Parents Advocate”will be a link between the schools, parents and the Board

According to CBSE sources, Allahabad at 708 has the largest pool of trained parents advocate at present, followed by Chennai with 680 and Bhubaneshwar with 499. A total of 2,724 parents have been trained by CBSE so far.

There has been increasing concern about how the CCE system is being approached by schools and teachers and how various assignments given to students as project work are evaluated. Therefore, this network of parents will take up issues at individual level and present them to the Board.

If any student faces any kind deliberate and malafide action by teacher or school, they can contact any of the “Parent Advocate” in his/ her city or region. The “Parent Advocate” will then inform the Board.

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