DCI Orders Every Dental College To Have Website

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Websites Mandatory for Dental Colleges Every dental college of the country will have to host a website that provides details of all the facilities on their campus, to facilitate the students to have comparison between different colleges before they decide upon to take admission. The (Dental Council of India) DCI has asked all the colleges to comply with this mandatory requirement by October 30.

Members of Dental Council of India (DCI) feel that with a large number of dental colleges now operational in the country, students must be offered a chance to move across states and join an institute that best suits their needs. But often what stops candidates is the lack of accurate information about a college far from the home-state.

“This is a time when we are redesigning dental education and taking it to the next level. If every college has a website then a student residing in Delhi can to a college in Kerala if there is information available,” said a DCI member.

Each college’s website must contain information such as the student intake capacity, the fees and other details.

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