Diploma in Business Process Outsourcing – Finance and Accounting

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The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has started a diploma course in business process outsourcing (BPO). the diploma program has been designed and developed with Accenture in BPO-finance and accounting.

This program will provide the opportunity to the students to develop their professional skills, to be eligible for employment in the growing BPO industry. This Diploma program incorporates a unique blend of theory and practical courses, designed by eminent academicians, Accenture subject matter experts, BPO training organizations and e-learning organizations, to provide students with a comprehensive learning model.

Course Exit Option :

Students will have an exit option at the end of 6 months (ie. Semester 1). The successful candidates will get a ‘Certificate in Finance and Accounting’. This Exit option is available for only working professionals who are either working in a BPO industry or a relevant industry with a minimum of 6 months work experience & having good communication & IT skill.

Program Structure :

This Program comprises Sem 1 and Sem 2; Sem 1: Finance and Accounting consists of 5 courses having 16 Credits and Sem 2: consists of 2 Courses having 16 Credits. To be eligible for the award of the Diploma in Business Process Outsourcing – Finance and Accounting, a student has to complete all the 7 courses ,but a candidate will also get an EXIT option after 6 months (Sem1) and upon successful completion he/she would get Certificate in Finance and Accounting.

Facts and Benefit of the Program :

  • The IGNOU- Accenture BPO Diploma is targeted towards undergraduate, graduate and working professionals
  • First of its kind BPO certification launched with academia & industry collaboration.
  • It ensures imbibing key skills related to F&A in BPO industry
  • First time complimenting classroom counseling with e-learning sessions.
  • It qualifies the student to apply to Accenture and other large BPO organizations

More Information, Admission Process / Forms : BPO Finance Ignou Diploma Brochure (pdf format)

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