Dr Vijay Bhatkar Encourages Students To Study Science

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Dr Vijay Bhatkar Encourages Students To Study Science Dr Vijay Bhatkar, best known for being the brain behind India’s indigenous PARAM series of supercomputers, sought to encourage students to study science for in near future the most-talked-about innovators and Noble laureates come from India.

Dr Vijay Bhakar, who himself strives hard to make science and technology reach the grass root levels through several innovative initiatives, was speaking on the occasion of inauguration of a five day residential camp organized by central government’s department of science and technology under ‘Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE)’ at Nagpur. INSPIRE is an innovative program managed and sponsored by the department to attract students towards science. In his address he asked children to study and carry out research in pure sciences to help India march into the developed world category.

“There are some exciting subjects waiting to be explored by you all like nanotechnology, genetic engineering and biotechnology. If dropouts like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates could change the world due to one small but innovative idea, think of what can be done with the right knowledge and determination,” Dr Bhatkar said.

“Our country has been known for mathematical geniuses like Ramanujan and Aryabhatta and also path breaking inventions like zero, binary and decimal systems of numbers. It is sad that not many in this generation are taking up the subject” complained Dr Bhatkar.

He also lamented the fact that the current education system of the country produces too many high scorers but not enough students well versed with the basic concepts of science. I know of some students and even teachers at some of the most premier institutes of the country who cannot explain some fundamental concepts. Teaching science should be done in a way that challenges the intellect of the students rather than encourage meaningless mugging up,” he added.

Some of the greatest scientist of all time contributed by unveiling the ways of nature, said Bhatkar giving examples of Newton, kepler , Faraday, Maxwell and Einstein among others. “we read and teach these laws but do not understand what led to their discovery. If students were to study this aspect of the discoveries, they may be better equipped as the innovators of tomorrow,” he insisted.

With the twenty-first century being dedicated to research, and the current decade of innovation Bhatkar asked the young science enthusiasts to work towards getting India a pride place among scientific fraternity of the world again.

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