Entry Level Admissions by Lottery – Maharashatra State

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The admission process in schools in State of Maharashtra is going to change from the next academic year. The new rulebook says that, there will be no screening either of students or their parents, seats at the entry level whether reservation or open category will have to be allotted on random basis with the help of a draw. The first rule has always been existing but now given the new RTE (Right to Education) act the implementation will be strictly done. The new rule also debars the schools from charging capitation fees at the time of admission or during academic course.

The new rules have the provision to fine the school with an amount up to Rs. 50,000 and 10 times the fees amount for flouting the RTE act and charging the capitation fees respectively. The education department is also planning to start advertising 25% quota available in private schools through newspapers and radio.

However, the schools have expressed displeasure over the rule of screening of the students / parents at the time of admission saying that screening procedures are not as scary as the education department makes it sound.

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