Errors Reported In JEE Test Held On Sunday

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Errors In Engineering JEE Mains Exam Papers Paper/pencil mode of first ever Joint Engineering Entrance (JEE Mains) passed on smoothly on Sunday, 7th April. However a section of faculties have claimed that the paper had errors which could adversely affect the prospects of the students if not given due consideration to these errors. The errors are claimed to be involving about 15-20 marks and hence extremely significant since the score will decide the entry of top 1.5 lakh students to the next stage, JEE Advanced, which will decide their admissions to the prestigious IITs. Otherwise the paper was easier as compared to the last year, it was claimed.

The stakeholders claimed that there were three questions in Chemistry section of the paper which had factual errors, and none of the options given for these objective type questions could be the correct answer.

Responding to the claim of the errors, the CBSE Chairman, Vineet Joshi, is reported to have ordered a verification from a committee of experts and the report is awaited until Monday evening.

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