Foreign Students To Participate in IIT Bombay’s Mood Indigo Worldfest 2012

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Mood Indigo WorldFest 2012 The Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT-B) is understood to have invited students from five countries – Japan, Puerto Rico, Serbia, Sri Lanka and Italy – to participate in various competitions to be held as part of its annual festival Mood Indigo, this year to be specifically called “Mood Indigo Worldfest 2012″. The festival will be held in third week of December this year.

While students from foreign countries have been part of the festival for long, for a difference this year they will even get to participate in the competitions and will be treated on a par with all the students. The aim of the program is to promote cultural exchange between countries.

A contingent of 15-25 students from each of these five countries will not only participate in workshops, but will also hold exhibitions, showcase their talent in cultural events, drama, folk event, drums, etc. The festival will have around 100-150 foreign students, who are on a sponsored trip by their respective embassies.

The major attraction of the festival will be the carnival, which is expected to have around 200 international performers from the US, Australia and other countries on one platform this year.

The institute has collaborated with Ferriswheel Entertainment to produce the Mood Indigo Worldfest 2012. The participating international students need not be from the engineering background, said the organizers. The students from the foreign countries will present their expertise in food exhibitions, drama, etc. The guest countries will erect their pavilions to showcase their culture and art forms.

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