Free Education To Sportsperson in Colleges & Universities

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Free Education To Sportsperson in Higher Education As a big step towards promoting sports in colleges and universities and putting a fullstops to the episodes like that of Unmukt Chand captain of India’s World cup-winning under-19 cricket team, who had his share of ordeals regarding lack of attendance, the government announced that University and college sports persons who bring laurels to the country in national and international events will be provided free education till the highest level. The announcement was made by HRD Minister Kapil Sibal, he said, “”Any sports person, who brings laurels to the country, will be given free educationup to the highest level.”

The HRD Minister also announced starting a national level university cricket league and university level hockey league to promote sports in a big way in campuses. The cricket league would be played among eight top universities in T-20 format from among those who qualify through a zonal competition. Similarly, the hockey league will be played among top eight teams selected through zonal competitions.

NDTV is launching this initiative with the Association of Indian Universities (AIU). An organising committee, chaired by the HRD Minister, has been set up for the purpose, comprising representatives of UGC, AIU, NDTV, vice-chancellors of several universities, New Delhi Municipal Council and prominent persons.

Sibal also announced the guidelines about the free education scheme to sportsperson in higher studies. According to the guidelines, financial assistance will be reimbursed by the University Grants Commission to the university concerned. The university on its part will make “special efforts” in terms of completion of syllabus and attendance of the sportsperson due to loss of class.

Winning a medal in a national event, or participation in international events recognised by the World University Service, International Olympic Committee and the Olympic Committee of Asia will guarantee a scholarship for the academic year in publicly funded educational institutions. For the subsequent year, the support will depend on their sports performance.

Scholarships for medal winners and participants in international events will meet the actual expenses of a bachelor’s degree, post-graduate diploma, and PG degree.

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