Harvard’s Launches Online Course On Clinical Research

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Harvard's Online Course on Clinical Research Harvard School of Public Health is all set to roll out an online course on clinical research from October this year. Any Indian physician having a working internet connection and wanting to avoid rigorous admission processes can take this course at his/her convenience.

Vice chairperson of Piramal Group Dr Swati Piramal, who was recently elected on the Harvard Board of Overseers, was instrumental in initiating the course called Quantitative Methods in Clinical and Public Health Research, under a recent collaboration between Harvard University and MIT called EdX at Harvard School of Public Health.

The course is an online adaptation of material from the Harvard School of Public Health’s classes in epidemiology and biostatistics. According to Piramal, a course like this is a great opportunity for physicians in India, which has over 900,000 doctors but few are trained to be physician scientists. This course shall help fill this gap.

“I really hope as many physicians as possible in India sign up for this course to learn more about biostatistics and epidemiology,” said Piramal while talking to TOI. Students will analyze sample data sets to acquire knowledge of appropriate computer software.

Full Report : TOI

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