Hindu College Launches An Addon Course in Actuarial Sciences

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Hindu College starts Actuarial Science Course Hindu College, Delhi University , is introducing an addon certificate course in actuarial sciences from the current academic year. The purpose of the course is to enhance skills and increase employability of students in the insurance sector, which is an emerging industry in India. The industry is growing at present, with a lot of opportunities for aspiring students. The college has collaborated with MetLife Insurance India Ltd to offer the course, which will train students during the internship period. The course has 12 papers including financial economics, statistical methods, financial mathematics, business economics, business awareness models, etc.

Actuarial sciences involve financial and risk management in the insurance sector, including areas like banking, investment , healthcare, etc. To practice as an actuarial scientist in India, one has to be a member of the Institute of Actuaries of India (IAI) and qualify for the various academic programs.

The course prepares students to qualify for the exams conducted by IAI. An actuary is a professional who is right behind the financial strength of an insurance company. The program will open up a number of employment avenues for students. An added advantage to the aspirants is to have options to practice anywhere in the world as the qualification for becoming actuaries is the same in India and abroad.

However, with a total number of 30 seats in each batch, students can enroll in two batches — the first, which started August 16, the other, which is scheduled to start in January 2013 (last date for registration is December 31).

Eligibility :

Eligible candidates should have at minimum cleared +2 with at least 85% in mathematics/statistics . Graduates and postgraduates must have a minimum aggregate of 55% in mathematics or statistics, mathematical statistics, econometrics , computer sciences, etc.

Duration :

There is no fixed duration for completion of the course. Students have to clear all the papers before being awarded the certificate. At the end of each semester, the college will conduct its own exam.

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