HSC Students Need To Score 35 Marks in Practical Plus Theory

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HSC Students Need 35 Marks in Practical Plus Theory Out of 100 In order to douse the recent controversy over difficult Physics question paper in ongoing HSC (class XII) Board examination, the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has relaxed the requirement of passing the theory examination independently with 25% score.

According to the notification issued by the Board on Saturday, now the students appearing in ongoing HSC (Class XII) exam need to score 35 minimum marks in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics, in practicals and theory put together, out of 100.

The Board Chairperson, Sarjerao Jadhav, said that requirement of scoring 25% separately in theory was only in the proposal sent to the government and yet it has not been approved. So this requirement will not apply to the present batch of the HSC students. Giving the example, the official said that if a student has scored 10 marks in theory paper and 25 in practical, which makes the total to 35, then still the student would be declared successful in the subject.

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