ICPC ACM Contest To Be Held At IIT K On December 12 and 13

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ICPC ACM Contest To Be Held At IIT K International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) a multi-tier team-based programming competition operating under the auspices of Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), will be held at Indian Institute of Technology-Kanpur, on December 12 and 13, announced Sandesh Gupta, In-charge Operations of the contest on Saturday. The winners of the ICPC ACM at IIT-Kanpur will get a chance to participate in the World Finals of the contest scheduled in Warsaw, Poland next year. IBM will provide the travel support to the winner of the Kanpur-site contest.

The preliminary round of the contest was held online on November 3, the results of which were declared on Saturday. The online programming contest was conducted through the IIT-Kanpur website. A total of 275 teams participated in the prelims and the 180 teams was given opportunity to solve at least one problem out of four given and 65 teams were selected for finals on the basis on their performance.

The teams were judged on the basis of correct submission in the least time and the teams selected are from 42 different engineering institutes of the country. Each team will have three members. The teams will be given two hours time to solve the given problems. Interestingly, one team is from Bangladesh and another from Iran so international students will also be taking part in the event. Teams from new IITs including Ropar and Mandi will also be taking part.

The prelims were held on CodeChef platform. CodeChef is a global programming community, a platform, which hosts contests, trainings and events for programmers around the world. The goal of CodeChef is to provide a platform for programmers everywhere to meet, compete, and have fun. CodeChef is a noncommercial organization operated by Directi, an Indian software company based in Mumbai, India.

Contest director Prof Phalguni Gupta said the contest challenges students to rely on their programming skills and creativity during a five-hour battle of logic, strategy and mental endurance. The contest also fosters creativity, team work and innovation in building new software programs, and enables students to test their ability to perform under pressure. The contest is credited for being the loudest, largest and most prestigious programming contests in the world.

The participants solve complex problems using traditional and new software development tools. The ICPC ACM Asia Regional Contests invite Asian students to meet and forge friendships and promote fair competition in programming. The contest is considered the ‘Olympics of Computer Programming’.

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