IIHS Launches A Short Course In GIS-Working With Maps

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IIHS Launch New Short Term Course on Working With Maps Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS) has announced a 3 day short course in Geographical Information Systems (GIS), to be held in Bangalore from November 16 to 18 at the IIHS City Campus. The course will lay emphasis on working with digital maps.

The course shall be called as “Working With Maps” and it is unique in its nature. The three-day long intense program is ideal for working professionals from diverse backgrounds working on different aspects of human settlements. However, those with a background in architecture, planning, engineering, economics, finance, sociology, anthropology, geography, political science, environmental sciences, social work, law and management will benefit more from this course.

An adaptation of the course “Principles and Applications of GIS in Human Settlements”, this short program by IIHS would stock its learners with the following:

  • Essentials of mapping
  • Insights and hands-on exposure to working with various free-and-open-source mapping applications

Not only will this program expose students to use/develop mash-ups based on popular web-based GIS applications like OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, etc but will also familiarize them to use volunteered geographic information and crowd-sourced knowledge in their respective use cases.

Through this program, students would also be equipped to acknowledge the nuances of key concepts. This would further lead them to quickly learn, test and apply the techniques in their respective domains and eventually be able to produce maps for their own needs.

Those seeking to pursue this course would benefit the most by getting their own data that they intend to map or visualize spatially.

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