IIT Bombay E-Yantra Ideas Competition

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After an overwhelming response to the e-Yantra Robotics competition administered by IIT Bombay, the project sponsored by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), under the National Mission for Education through ICT (NMEICT) to provide hands-on learning infrastructure to engineering students who have limited access to labs and mentors, has decided to reopen registration to e-Yantra Ideas Competition, to those students who missed out or did not qualify for the e-Yantra Robotics competition.

The purpose of the e-Yantra competitions is to discover the innovative spirit in students and to engage them in the learning and application of the principles of embedded systems. This competition gives the students an opportunity to come up with ideas for automating tasks from their environment.

If you are an undergraduate student in a recognized college in India or abroad you can participate. Those students who have already cleared the test for e-Yantra Robotics Competition are not allowed to participate in the e-Yantra Ideas Competition.

There are several simple, repetitive tasks in our environment which when automated can help us in a big way. Such tasks exist in the different domains of our daily life. Identifying such tasks and coming up with meaningful solutions — which use the principles of embedded systems — can provide exciting and stimulating learning experience. For instance, students can solve problems, which can be applied to industries in their neighborhood. Taking part in the ideas competition encourages students to exercise their innovative and entrepreneurial skills along with their knowledge of embedded systems.

You have to articulate a problem that are faced within one of 5 problem areas and come up with a conceptual design of a solution using embedded systems and/or robots. The design has to be detailed enough to comprise of a requirements specification that permits an engineering team to build that artifact. Quality and completeness of the design documents, innovativeness of the idea and “perceived value” of the idea to “stakeholders” will be rewarded.

Problem areas are one of the following:

1) Domestic application

2) Agricultural application

3) Security (Defence) application

4) Factory automation application

5) Healthcare application

Prepare your solution in a document containing maximum of 1500 words, not exceeding 6 pages (including diagrams and references) as per the template. Click here to download the template. When you are ready, upload your document click here. Upload option will be available only till 25th Sept. 2012 (midnight IST).

More Details on Official Site of e-Yantra

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