IIT-JEE Toppers Prefer IIT-Bombay While IIT-Delhi Slips

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It is understood that IIT-Bombay(IIT-B) was the first choice of 86 of the top 100 candidates this year, though only 77 were given seats, while IIT-Delhi has further slipped in the preference list. Last year the number of students admitted to IIT-B was 70. IIT-Delhi (IIT-D) saw a dip in the numbers of top ranking students opting for the institute this year, from last year’s 24 to 19. Just 12 of the top ranking candidates filled IIT-D as their first choice. The three female candidates in the top 100 also opted for IIT-B.

Among the top 1,000 candidates too, around 285 opted for IIT-B followed by 224 in IIT-D. Several factors like the location and climate are probably in favour of the institute at Mumbai. Many students qualifying from the south see Mumbai as a closer option than traveling to the north, could also be the reason for the rush at IIT-B.

About a decade ago, IIT-Kanpur (IIT-K) was the preferred destination for most of the top 100 in JEE. But since 2005, the trend has gradually changed in favour of IIT-B. This year only three candidates from the top 100 went to IIT-K.

A total of 8,593 boys and 907 girls were allotted seats in the first round of admissions to IITs, which started Sunday after a three-day delay. Of the 17,465 shortlisted for counselling, 1,476 candidates opted out of it. In spite of the delay in the release of the first allocation round, there will not be any change in the rest of the schedule. The second and third round of allocation will happen on the same day as scheduled.

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