IIT-Kanpur To Conduct Its Own Entrance Test – Engineering JEE

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IIT-Kanpur on Friday decided to conduct its own entrance test from next year. The decision was taken in a meeting which was well attended by the institute’s 210 member senate. The senate rejected the proposal of “one nation one test” coined by HRD Minister Kapil Sibal.

It is understood that the other IIT’s senate are likely to follow the suit. The senate of IIT-Kanpur said that the recent IIT Council proposal on admission to IITs is ‘academically and methodically unsound and in violation of the Institutes of Technology Act (1961) and IIT Kanpur Ordinances (Ordinance 3.2 [admisssions])’, while rejecting the new pattern of JEE-main and JEE-advanced proposed to be conducted from 2013.

Sibal had claimed that the proposal of JEE was approved without dissent at the IIT Council meeting and had the backing of the senates of 4 of 7 IITs. He had maintained that he had categorically stated at the IIT Council meeting that ‘if there is single dissent’ he will not go ahead with the proposal.

“The Council consists of the IITs, IIITs and NITs. There was not a single dissent, It was unanimously adopted, therefore I went forward,” the Minister had said.

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