Indian Students Bag International Leadership Scholarship At University of Kentucky

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Indian Students Bag International Leadership Scholarship At University of Kentucky Three Indian students received scholarships to pursue their undergraduate degrees at the University of Kentucky. Harkabir Saluja, who will be majoring in philosophy, is a recipient of the International Leadership Scholarship, which covers the full cost of his tuition during his undergraduate studies.

Another student, Ron Mathias received a scholarship covering 50% of her tuition fee and Abhishek Agrawal received a $5,000 scholarship. Mathias, from Bangalore, is currently pursuing a degree in chemical engineering and was the recipient of the International Distinction Scholarship.

In addition to the traditional financial support of graduate students and academic scholarships for undergraduate students, this year a new international undergraduate scholarship program was launched.

“We were delighted to launch a new scholarship program for international undergraduates applying to the University of Kentucky. The program takes into consideration factors that go beyond the traditional academic merit. We were pleasantly surprised with the diversity and caliber of our applicants and proud to award these scholarships to the most deserving students from nine different countries, including India. Almost 20% of these scholarships were awarded to Indian students, including some of the top scholarships that cover full tuition and 50% of tuition costs,” said an University of Kentucky official.

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