Indian Students Enrollment For Studies in British Universities Increase By 20%

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20% Rise in Indian Applications for Studies in UK Universities With the time still not over until 30th June, the number of Indian students applying for studies in British Universities has reached 2601 so far. This is about 20% rise from total number applications of 2188 seen in 2012. There is still scope for the admissions until June 30.

However China leads in terms of absolute number of student applicants to British Universities. 6903 of Chinese students applied in 2013, but that is just 9.9% increase as compared to the enrollments in 2012. Malaysia and Italy have recorded 25% and 22% increase respectively.

The figures were released by University and Colleges Admissions Services (UCAS) on Thursday. According to the data available with UCAS the number of students from outside European Union (EU) wanting to study in UK in 2013 has risen by 9.6% year on year.

British Immigration Minister Mark Harper attributed the rise in more enrollments from China and India to the world class universities that Britain has and the way Britain has tackled abuse of the student route head on, without affecting genuine students. Harper expressed the confidence that the reputation of the British education system will prevail and it will be the front runner in the global race as ever.

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