Karnataka To Conduct Its Own CET Under State Syllabus This Year

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Karnataka to Conduct Own CET Under state Syllabus The Karnataka state government on Friday clarified that Common entrance test (CET) for professional courses will be held according to state syllabus. The government has said that the national curriculum has been only implemented from the academic year 2012-13 and so adopting the national level entrance exam would cause injustice to the students in the state, until they are brought at par with central syllabus. So the state can adopt the JEE only in 2014.

As far as nationwide medical entrance NEET is concerned, the state of Karnataka with some other states have already approached the Supreme Court. The decision of Apex court which is expected to come on 4th February will be binding on the state, said higher education minister in the state of Karnataka, C T Ravi.

The CET dates would be announced soon, but Ravi said that the state CET would be conducted in May.

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