Kerala HC Ruling Against Making Malayalam Compulsory in CBSE

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Court Order Against Malayalayam Compulsory in CBSE The Kerala High Court on Friday ruled against the state government’s plan to make Malayalam a compulsory subject in CBSE and ICSE schools. The ruling was given by a division bench while considering around 50 petitions filed by school managements.

The bench ruled that National Council for Education Research and Training (NCERT) is the agency to fix the curriculum of CBSE and ICSE schools and not the State Council for Education, Research, and Training (SCERT) as argued by the Additional Advocate General on behalf of the State of Kerala.

The court pointed out that the State Government does not have the power to prescribe Malayalam as an additional subject under CBSE and ICSE syllabus as the CBSE and ICSE schools have students from outside the state.

HC also ruled that school managements that maintain bogus bank accounts in the names of teachers to show that they are paying them reasonable salaries should be booked under criminal charges.

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