London Metropolitan University Students Face Deportation

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The UK Border Agency finally on Thursday revoked the license of London Metropolitan University (LMU) to teach and admit anybody from outside the European Union, turning into reality the fears of hundreds of Indian students among 2600 from non-EU countries, who face deportation. The reason for revoking the license is attributed to “serious and systemic failures” on the part of the university.

UKBA rules say that, the Indian and other non-EU students already on course at the university, if fail to transfer to another UK university within next 6o days, then they face deportation to their home countries. Indian students who have already secured visa and are preparing to come and study at LMU from next month, will have their visa automatically cancelled due to the step taken by the UK Border Agency.

A task force has been set up to help Indian and other students affected by the action. The task force will be led by Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) will include UKBA and the NUS . The task force will start work immediately and enable affected students to find alternate institutions when they can finish their studies.

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