Maharashtra HSC Board Introduces Internal Marks For Commerce And Arts

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Maharshtra HSC Board Changes To Higher Secondary Exam While upgrading the syllabus of Commerce and Arts streams of higher secondary classes (Junior College), the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has also introduced 20% internal marks for all the subjects in these streams from 2014. Earlier, only the languages had internal marks to be based on oral and written language skills. With the introduction of 20% internal marks the two streams have now come at par with Science stream.

While providing the details on the internal marks the education board has clarified that the students in Commerce and Arts stream will be given live projects on line similar to case studies. Education board has circulated guidelines to format the live projects.

The education board expects the students of arts and commerce streams to now attend the college regularly and there will be more interaction between students and teachers, since now the colleges have control over the internal marks.

While most academicians have welcomed the move saying the students will benefit the most from the scheme, particularly those who shift from their vernacular language medium to English medium, where the pass percentage of the students will improve; a section lecturers however have expressed apprehensions about maintaining the quality the colleges will have ensure while granting those internal marks, which may otherwise, they fear may be used as means to prop the results.

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