Maharashtra State Fee Regulation Bill Halted

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The landmark bill, to be identified as Maharashtra Educational Institutions (Regulation of fee) Bill 2011, passed by both the houses of the state legislature in August 2011, is an ambitious plan of Maharashtra State School Education Minister, Rajendra Darda, with an aim to halt the growing commercialization of education and curb large-scale profiteering by leading educational institutions.

The Bill however is unlikely to take off in the ensuing academic year as the Centre is yet to approve it. Though the bill was quickly submitted to the President of India for assent, the norms require that a legislation received by Rashtrapati Bhavan has to be submitted to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) for scrutiny which in turn has to obtain comments from six different department before returning it to the President of India for assent.

After the bill was submitted to the MHA, it was to be forwarded to the departments of Health & Family Welfare, Human Resources (Higher Education, School Education & Literacy), Law & Judiciary and Judicial Cell of MHA. Currently the bill is being examined by the Law & Judiciary Department and later it will be the turn of MHA’s Legal Cell. The other 4 departments have already approved it. As such the bill is not likely to take off this academic year.

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